Wenger Foundation plays Santa Clause for Community Homes residentsHoliday 2020 at Community Homes

In a normal year, residents in the seven Lebanon County buildings that consist of 287 affordable, safe independent living apartments for seniors and ambulatory disabled citizens would be gathering in community rooms to share in the celebration of the Holidays. They would exchange gifts and enjoy fellowship.

Not so, of course, in the year of Covid-19. The pandemic has created an environment that has minimized social interaction for these special people. So, any gesture that lets them know they are loved and not forgotten is magnified in importance, particularly during the Holiday Season.

One thing leads to another.

A phone call from Layser’s Flowers in Myerstown to Rose Walmer, President of the Wenger Foundation made Rose aware of Layser’s inventory of poinsettia plants, which are popular holiday gifts. The call triggered an idea. When Rose mentioned the poinsettias to her brother, Glenn Wenger, President of Wenger’s of Myerstown, and Board Chair of Community Homes of Lebanon County, it inspired him to call Community Homes CEO Charlie Rush. The result? A special Holiday Surprise Gift plan for the residents of the 287 apartments…each of them would receive a free lovely poinsettia plant, compliments of the Wenger Foundation.

Poinsettias and other goodies boost holiday morale.

Deliveries ensued as Community Homes staffers Charlotte McNamara and Sue Green added more goodies to the haul. In addition to the poinsettia for each resident, they provided “goodie packets” that included a handmade “Angel” ornament from Charlotte, plus donated products from Hershey Foods, Sunset Outlets, Keller Brothers Ford, and Aetna Insurance. Sue Green has been arranging for these holiday gifts for residents for many years. It has earned her the nickname of Mrs. Clause by the resident community,

A message from Charlie Rush

“Charlotte and Sue are great representatives of the caring spirit of our entire staff,” he says, “the residents are very vocal in their appreciation of the Community Homes lifestyle.”