Understanding Fears

When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in the days when our seniors were kids, he uttered a famous line in his inauguration speech, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. It was right for the time, when our county was mired in the Great Depression.

But the kids are grown up now and getting older. And the fears they face start with the fear of losing independence. We see that every day, when the children of our seniors have to cope with the situation of an aging parent who, without realizing it sometimes, would prefer to “age in place” rather than move into a place like one of our Terrace apartments. Once there, the fear usually melts away, when they see that they are surrounded by people in the same literal boat. Our residents naturally support each other. And the living is more independent than they imagined.

But we have fears too. Our waiting lists are as long as three years, to move into one of our Terrace Building affordable apartments. Demand is far greater than supply for providing our seniors the kind of living environment that they have truly earned over their lifetime.

Plans are on the drawing board to expand the supply, but it can’t happen unless a group of caring individuals and businesses step up to support our mission. We would love to discuss this with you in person. We all owe it to the people who raised us in the first place.