Those of us involved with Community Homes get great satisfaction in providing affordable housing for our Lebanon County seniors as well as allowing them to enjoy the support and friendships that go along with a lifestyle of community living with peers. The vision of our founders over 50 years ago has indeed become reality.

Most of our residents live on fixed incomes and depend on us to keep their living costs in line with what they can afford each month. They also reach out to us for support in their daily lives, and we do our best with this by providing the access to our dedicated resident services team.

We are also faced with the realities of demand for housing exceeding supply. Waiting lists to be part of senior living in our Lebanon County Terrace properties exceed two years and longer.

We have plans to grow with help with seniors as well as housing for people with disabilities, but that takes help and support as well.
If you share in the belief in our cause, there are two basic ways we could use your help – time and treasure.