2023 January resident of the monthAppreciate. Cherish. Prize. Value.

These are common synonyms for the word “treasure”. And they all fit our Community Homes choice for January Resident of the Month, Betty Young of Oak Terrace. Even her name works. Because Betty is 99 years young. and already has her 100th birthday on her calendar for a big family party on August 2, 2023.

Someone in the family needs to find a large hall for the party, considering the size of Betty’s family – 9 children, 30 grandchildren, 53 great grandchildren, and 16 great-great grandchildren. Add all the other family members and the army of people at Oak Terrace and the community, the task may be to find a stadium, Special thanks to Daughter-in-Law Sue Young who “did the math” on the family roster.

“Treasure” is an apt description for this still very independent lady. She has her own lovely apartment, which she keeps picked up. She takes care of her needs and gets herself dressed in the morning, fixes her own breakfast, and moves about without the aid of a cane or a walker. Betty is remarkable.

If you are figuring out a one hundredth birthday gift idea, you can’t go wrong with something in the sports themed area. Betty loves the Eagles and the Phillies and follows them like any loyal fan.

Like many in her generation, she did not finish Annville Cleona high school and chose to get married at age 17. Her marriage in 1940 to husband George, a mechanic by trade, lasted until 2000, when he passed away.

In addition to raising her large family, Betty also worked for many years doing cleaning work. She drove her own car for years; her favorite car was a hot pink chevy.

After living in a house in Gretna Springs for many years, her family convinced her to get into a community environment, resulting in a move to Oak Terrace twelve years ago.

“I am very happy I made the move”, she says, “the staff have been wonderful to me, and I enjoy the company of the fellow residents. Oak Terrace is the perfect place for me”.

She was asked the question, “What makes you proud”?  Her answer was quick –
“Children and all the grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren, and all my good friends here”. She added, “I always believed in live and let live. I have never interfered in the lives of anyone in the family, and they all love me for that”.