Charlie's Corner: Charles Rush

Core Value Truth

If you are at all familiar with Community Homes, you know our organization is driven by its core values, the root beliefs and behaviors that we operate from, in all aspects of our existence.

We are guided by our carefully conceived core values – Truth, Responsibility, Hope, Respect, Compassion, Fairness, and Safety.

These are the values that define us. They are essential to how we cultivate meaningful relationships, and how we serve others.

To help you understand us better, we have decided to explain them, one at a time, in this series of blogs.

We start with the most basic and most important core value – TRUTH. Unless you live the truth, the other core values lose their meaning. It is not always easy to tell the truth. But it is always the right thing to do.

The needs-based lifestyle of our residents is consistent with achieving comfort and happiness in everyday life. They depend on hearing the truth from us, and we are dedicated to not let them down. They depend on us to say what we mean and mean what we say, always with respect, always truthfully.

Our dedicated staff is trained to be always truthful. It makes them more compassionate and better at listening.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of pillars of our community. They understand the truth of the need to provide more opportunities for our aging population and others with needs to find affordable, safe housing. They and other community leaders are behind a capital campaign to make this happen.

When we place a deep value on truth in the way we conduct our business lives, it leads us naturally to be passionate, humble, gentle, transparent and true.

As people of God, our standards can never be less.

Core Value in Action.

In each Blog, we will provide real life stories of the Core value in action.  Here is a demonstration of truth.

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, such as an HVAC system breaking down in one of our buildings during the peak of summer season. Rather than ignore the situation, we determined that it would take a period of days to return the system to normal, then contacted the residents personally. We discovered that some of them had health issues that would be a problem to live without air conditioning for any period.

That led to a decision to immediately provide these residents with temporary room air conditioners. A few days later, the building was back to normal. But living a core value (truth) led to a caring gesture to help a group of residents to solve a real problem in their lives.