Good Samaratans

Good Samaritans come to the aid of our downtown Lebanon seniors

Our story begins in a grocery store.

Julie Saul, a nurse, and her sister-in law, Allison Williams, notice an elderly man having difficulty attempting to purchase toilet tissue (an all too common sight these days).This followed a situation where Allison overheard a conversation between the elderly man and a store clerk, who suggested he look for toilet paper in another store. “Elderly people are at risk,” Julie noted, “We don’t want to see them going from store to store, so Allison and I offered to help him. We purchased toilet paper and soup (also on his list) and delivered these items to him later in the day.”

This gesture inspired a school project. Julie helped her children and their friends organize a campaign at Lebanon Catholic School. They collected non-perishable items to donate to seniors in need. Facebook postings helped attract donations. “The children were looking for service hours. This opportunity to help others and understand and appreciate what the elderly have done for us was a perfect lesson. Her daughter later told her “I will never take anything for granted again.”

The project led them to Willow Terrace, a Community Homes of Lebanon County residence building in downtown Lebanon. The Sauls and their Lebanon Catholic project-mates intend to keep supplies available to the seniors, including Willow Terrace residents, throughout the pandemic.

“With all the negative stories we are seeing about hoarding and scamming, it restores your faith in humanity when you see real life examples like this,” Melissa Texter, Resident Services Coordinator for Community Homes of Lebanon, Inc., “ We can’t thank these people enough for their kindheartedness and generosity.”